COVID-19: What are the odds of my survival?

COVID-related questions that I wish I knew their answers! What do we need to know to healthily navigate through our COVID-infested world? On May 7, my puzzling question was “what are the chances that COVID-19 might have been around for a while in one form or the other but has gone rogue during the past […]


Doctors who fail us in our Covid infested world!

Today I’m consumed by anger. I am angry at the physicians who put people at risk of contracting COVID-19 with their behaviors. I am also angry at the widespread anti-medicine and anti-science sentiments that has brewed in our country and has overflowed to other nations who look up to us as a role model. I am […]


COVID-19: Survival of the Fittest!

It is appalling to see politicians that we’ve voted into office playing with our well-being! How come so many of them have suddenly become such a die-hard proponent of the theory of survival-of-the-fittest? So far, epidemiological data suggests that only about 2% of us will die of COVID-19!  That which marks us, the two-percenter group, to become […]


Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, and Covid-19

What drug companies did not want you to know about Aspirin and Advil in asthma and COPD? What you are about to read in our blog will most likely change your entire outlook about these meds! Beneatha: In mid-March and when Corona erupted, the household rumor was that Advil and Aspirin may predispose us to COVID-19 […]


Part 2: When Life Gives You Covid-19, TRXize in Your Storage Cellar!

Adaptability and flexibility are keys to healthier and longer survival amidst large scale catastrophes and imminent pandemics! Closure of medical schools, social distancing, and home-isolation is the ideal time for medical students to physically shape-up and to prepare for their medical board examinations!   When are you showing your mini gym to us? Well, I […]


Dr. E unveils his award-winning healthy seafood recipe!

First, let us get our pertinent facts in order: Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are closely related substances that are extracted from hemp and cannabis (marijuana) plants respectively.  Generally, the difference between hemp and marijuana is in the concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol that has hallucinating effects. It is said that Marijuana has more THC and hemp has […]


Unhealthy Doctors!

You are now a medical doctor but people mistake you for a health doctor! So, now you’re officially a practicing doc, a specialist! Do you get the exciting feeling that now you’ve mastered it all?   How much do you get excited about the compliments of your patients who believe that you’re the one who knows it all?  Do […]


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