Where do the antimedicine and anti-science advocates plan on receiving healthcare if COVID-19 knocks at their doors?

Are they banking on the benevolence of the physicians? Are they taking our hardworking healthcare providers in our hospitals for granted? Do they assume that the Hippocratic Oaths of the doctors will override all animosities against their profession? Well, I have news: you will beg for their mercy if you or your beloved family members […]


Covid -19 Pandemic Has Already Revealed the Best and the Worst About Our Humanity!

One of our admirable qualities as a nation has been our unqualified support for our soldiers and generals in times of war. Memorial Day has been the time for us all, united as one, to immortalize the memories of our beloved fallen ones. It is utterly saddening to see that in our war against the […]


Worldwide Corona Pandemic Calls for the Revival of the United Nations!

I had a dream! In my dream it was April 25, 2020, the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. All heads of nations while still in their extended social isolation due to COVID19 pandemonium, addressed the entire humanity via the world wide web. Can you guess what they unanimously called for? They called for the […]


Coronavirus: Capitalism versus Communism, and Global Health versus National Health

United States and China are the two most powerful rivals on the global scene that are working almost independently but tirelessly on getting the Covid-19 under control. The question in the mind of many is “which of the two superpower’s health systems is more efficient and suitable for suppressing the current corona pandemic?” The American […]


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