Where do the antimedicine and anti-science advocates plan on receiving healthcare if COVID-19 knocks at their doors?

Are they banking on the benevolence of the physicians? Are they taking our hardworking healthcare providers in our hospitals for granted? Do they assume that the Hippocratic Oaths of the doctors will override all animosities against their profession? Well, I have news: you will beg for their mercy if you or your beloved family members […]


Doctors who fail us in our Covid infested world!

Today I’m consumed by anger. I am angry at the physicians who put people at risk of contracting COVID-19 with their behaviors. I am also angry at the widespread anti-medicine and anti-science sentiments that has brewed in our country and has overflowed to other nations who look up to us as a role model. I am […]


Wealth, Health, and Corona!

Breaking News: We are informed that at 12:30 AM, Eastern Standard Time, Dr. E is admitted to the emergency department of Mercy hospital. No further information is available on his condition… An old proverb that we might recall as a hot topic for our school essays has been the choice between health or wealth. I […]


National Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Drive Week: March 23-29, 2020

Did you stack-up your attic with PPE such as hand sanitizers, disposable facemasks, gloves and gowns? What were you thinking? To put them on before going out to your driveway and tossing your garbage bag in your own trashcan? Did you plan on using them before opening your mailbox or scrubbing your mails with sanitizer […]


Coronavirus: Capitalism versus Communism, and Global Health versus National Health

United States and China are the two most powerful rivals on the global scene that are working almost independently but tirelessly on getting the Covid-19 under control. The question in the mind of many is “which of the two superpower’s health systems is more efficient and suitable for suppressing the current corona pandemic?” The American […]


Unhealthy Doctors!

You are now a medical doctor but people mistake you for a health doctor! So, now you’re officially a practicing doc, a specialist! Do you get the exciting feeling that now you’ve mastered it all?   How much do you get excited about the compliments of your patients who believe that you’re the one who knows it all?  Do […]


Do Not Forget Your MCAT Essay

Your professional outlook as a physician must be well-matched to the essay that you wrote when you were applying to medical school Do you remember the time that you had to write your medical college admission essay? Do you remember how desperate you were at the time? You wrote whatever that could have enhanced your […]

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