To Vaxx or Not to Vaxx!

What are the short- and long-term side effects of COVID-19 vaccinations? When can I expect my vaccination? Every medication comes with its own baggage, and vaccines are no exception. A new pandemic virus like COVID-19 with its own oddities, can only be matched by a newly developed vaccine that can effectively stop its progression. The public […]


Bare Minimum Requirements for Navigating Through Our COVID Infested World

Aging Amidst Global COVID infestation! This morning, out of the blue, my iPhone reminded me of a few pictures of mine dating back to July 8, 2016. As you may see in them, I am pointing at “Epidemiology” and “Vacuna” signs in a hospital. At the time I was visiting several hospitals and healthcare facilities […]


Covid -19 Pandemic Has Already Revealed the Best and the Worst About Our Humanity!

One of our admirable qualities as a nation has been our unqualified support for our soldiers and generals in times of war. Memorial Day has been the time for us all, united as one, to immortalize the memories of our beloved fallen ones. It is utterly saddening to see that in our war against the […]


Obesity is in the Eye of the Beholder!

It was December of 2006; my wife and daughter had a mother-daughter trip planned for Southern California during that holiday’s break. My son and I didn’t have any plans other than filling our days with our hobbies. During the first week of December it occurred to me that a father-son trip may not be a […]


Get Hold of Thyself!

I hazily remember my first experience of having full control over a physical entity. I recall it as one of the most pleasant initial experiences of my life. It was fascinating for me to discover that I had the ability to boss around my legs, to bend them at my will or to grab them […]

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