American Medical Students Should Receive Their Degrees Without USMLE or COMLEX Stipulations…

Medical Schools Accelerating Graduation to Combat COVID-19: To facilitate more frontline workers against the COVID-19 Pandemic, American universities are progressively implementing early graduation for their medical students. This phenomenon reignites Dr. E’s quest for abolishing the practice of requiring passing USMLE and COMLEX scores for awarding medical degrees to the American medical students! The Irony: […]


Legitimacy of the USMLE and COMLEX Exams

What did precipitate exponential growth of the USMLE and COMLEX prep industry? COMLEX and USMLE examinations are so much interwoven into the fabric of our system for evaluating eligibility of practicing medicine in the US that we hardly question the legitimacy of their existence. It is unfortunate to see that the American Medical Schools that […]


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