How many more years do you expect to live?

The average life expectancy in the US is currently 78.6 years. Based on this information, how long do you expect to live healthily hereafter? Do you think that you can exceed the national average? What do you think are your chances for living more than 110 years?

Let’s suppose that you are currently in the 60-69 years age bracket with optimal health compared to others in your age bracket. Would you be surprised to hear that you may have a reasonable chance of celebrating your 110th birthday? What would you do if you are told that a score of 9+ on a scale of 0-10 as measured by DE-125 Vitameter can predict the likelihood of attainment of 110+ age with high levels of accuracy? If so, will you be willing to follow a simple regimen for beating the expectations and living healthily throughout your golden years?

Dr. E


Also known as "Dr. Testbuster", Dr. Eftekar (Dr. E) is the founder, head coach and lead lecturer of the medical board training programs at Northwestern Medical Review. A unique attribute of Dr. E is his well-rounded academic background that, in addition to the science of medicine, extends over several other disciplines such as physiology of aging and longevity, philosophy of science and medicine, and integrated kinesiology.


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