Should Medical Board Exams Allow for Cellphones During Test-Taking Sessions!

Medical Information versus Medical Knowledge We should not mistake medical information for medical knowledge! I do firmly believe that the top two most prestigious medical exam producers of the United States, namely, NBME and NBOME, are well aware of this matter.   For what I know, there used to be a time when only physicians […]

COVID-19, Air Travel, and Australian Open

What is the fair proof of immunity against COVID virus for air travelers? How should we accommodate the needs of anti-vaxxers in our world? COVID-related immunological concepts made easy for everyone! Mini Review of Diagnostic and Serological COVID Tests Novak Djokovic, the Serbian tennis player, was unknown to me until the COVID-19 controversy made him […]

The First Osteopathic Medical Board Prep Program!

When did it all begin? Who started it all? At the beginning there was only one human medicine, the allopathic…until Andrew Still, the father of osteopathic medicine came along, and as result American medical practice progressively became next to none! It took another 100 years thereafter for the first osteopathic medical board preparation program to […]

The Neanderthal Man Inside Me!

For thousands of years, we have been thriving to instill safety, security, comfort, and predictability in our lives. We did all we could to make  our shelters cozier, and our accessibility to food, water, and air, much easier.  I can imagine how frequently my very own prehistoric predecessor had to confront fight and fright  situations at every […]

NMR Predictions for Upcoming USMLE and COMLEX Examinations!

What are the major topics and concepts that will heavily affect your performance on 2021 -2022 exams? Public health, pandemic epidemiology, biostatistics, immunology, and vaccinology will be the dominant flavors of the upcoming medical board examinations! How can you gear up against new generations of USMLE and COMLEX examinations? The answer is a no-brainer! You […]

Conquest of Longevity

Center for Conquest of Longevity New Subsidiary of Northwestern Medical Review After almost 5 years of planning, Northwestern Medical Review is getting ready to launch its new subsidiary: The Center for Conquest of Longevity. The Center is expected to begin operation in the fall of 2021. It will be operated as a collaborative online multidisciplinary […]