1-on-1 Coachpack: Internal Medicine/ABIM Preparation For Theresa Slade-Moore, MD

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Package Includes:

  • Individualized coaching for up to one year and/or your examination date
  • Major Stress Areas: (1) Test-taking and test strategy review and (2) coverage of internal med subjects.
  • Subject/Discipline Coverage: Targeted, realistically-planned, and timely assignments to cover the areas/systems/disciplines that most frugally allow attainment of your personal best passing score on the next ABIM. For example, if the top 4 areas that are perceived to be the weak areas, include nephrology > cardiology > pulmonology > endocrinology, the coaching efforts will begin with these 4 areas, starting with the nephrology.
  • Study Materials: The program intends to cover certain internal medicine review books (e.g. Last Minute Internal Medicine: A Concise Review For The Specialty Boards, The Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review, or select books owned by the registrant) plus Step Up to Medicine, and select internal medicine relevant chapters from the USMLE Step 2 and 3 Secrets books.
  • Online Services: Access to NMRx question bank and select videos assigned by your coach. The registrant may be required to order one supplemental question bank service in addition to our question bank.
  • Meetings: Short weekly Q/A and Planning webinars plus additional longer test-strategy and subject-tutorial sessions.
  • More Information: The package employs general guidelines explained on the NMR Coachpack webpage

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