1-on-1 Mini CoachPack COMLEX Level 1


Total Price: $1,200 + $100 (Set-up fee) + $300 (Pre-program Questionnaire/Evaluation/Orientation) + up to 3 months of complete online Testbuster Package + PDF of study materials + USMLE Step 1 Secrets book or another suggested book) = $1,600

Description: This plan is a mini-version of NMR’s classic CoachPack and  includes up to 10 hours of highly structured and customized 1-on-1 tutorial/coaching that addresses the specific subject/discipline needs of the enrollee. It mainly focuses on  COMLEX Level 1 test strategies, time management, and certain subject areas (e.g. OMM, biostatistics, etc.) with the highest potentials for raising the enrollee’s final score at his or her first attempt after the program.

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