USMLE & COMLEX Coach Pack – Private Tutoring

Starting from $499.00

The Coach Pack can be purchased for the following board exams:

  • USMLE Step 1
  • USMLE Step 2 CK
  • USMLE Step 3
  • USMLE Step 1 & 2 CK Combo
  • USMLE CK + Clerkship Support and Exam
  • Clerkship Support and NBME Shelf Exam Prep
  • Up to 1-month Clerkship prep for 1 subject and 1 NBME exam + up to 4 virtual meetings (for more months please contact us)
  • COMLEX Level 1
  • COMLEX Level 2 CE
  • COMLEX Level 3
  • COMLEX Level 1 & 2 CE Combo
  • COMLEX CE + Clerkship Support and Exam
  • Clerkship Support and COMAT/Shelf Exam Prep
  • Up to 1-month Clerkship prep for 1 subject and 1 COMAT/NBME exam + up to 4 virtual meetings (for more months please contact us)
  • ABIM Exam

Access to online materials and advisor support is unlimited for the duration of the program to make studying for your exam as simple as possible. Duration of CoachPack services is until the Level/Step 1, 2 or 3 examination dates for each enrollee or up to 12 months, whichever comes first.  

Each package includes judicious coaching support and holistic exam preparation, and up to 30, or in certain cases more than 30, integrated and strategically distributed hours of COMLEX, COMAT, USMLE, shelf exam, and specialty-related test prep tutorials. These sessions are distributed at the discretion of assigned coaches to allow each enrollee to attain a first-attempt passing score on their designated examination while utilizing the shortest realistic prep time for achieving their goal. The virtual sessions may be operated in entirety by the coaches and/or in part, through their teaching assistants (TAs) or assigned tutors. To ensure a passing score, assigned coaches may suggest postponement of original target examination dates based on the results of the assessment examinations or virtual  meeting evaluations. Students who desire supplemental classic tutorial support on certain subjects or sub-subjects (e.g. cardiac physiology, CNS pharmacology, etc.), at the request of their assigned coaches may benefit from increments of 5 or more service hours at the special rates of  $75-105 per hour. The NMR head-coach may at times coordinate activities of certain students in collaboration with their school advisors and/or school’s board prep/clerkship administrators. 

Official Program Completion Certificates/Letters are provided to students whose schools require them. Please note that only students  who are highly likely to pass their exams at their  targeted exam dates will receive certificates or letters of successful program completion. Others may be required to continue their services and postpone their exams for up to a few or more additional months.





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