Dr. Jahan Eftekar
Curriculum Director / Lead Lecturer
Lansing, MI

Also known as “Dr. E” and “Dr. Testbuster”; Dr. Eftekar is the founder, director, and lead lecturer of the Step/Level 1 through 3 curriculum at Northwestern Medical Review.

He is a professional USMLE and COMLEX prep coach and author, and has mentored medical students on passing over their medical board exam hurdles for more than 33 years. Dr. Eftekar’s broad basic medical science background and his zest for epistemology and philosophy of medicine have made him an unparalleled story teller in the COMLEX and USMLE arenas.

Dr. Eftekar’s instructional TALLP methodology, that began as a prolegomena to any future medical review training back in the 1980’s, has not only now infiltrated all aspects of the Step/Level 1 training curriculum at Northwestern Medical Review, but it has also made him a pathfinder to many other fledgling board review authors and teachers. Dr. Eftekar’s ground-breaking understanding of the unique aspects of the osteopathic medicine curriculum back in 1984 has made Northwestern Medical Review the pioneer of NBOME/COMLEX preparation in the USA. Dr. Eftekar has authored over 32 medical board review books and study materials for the Step/Level 1 and his integrated and clinically-oriented teaching prep books are among the best-selling books of Northwestern Medical Review curriculum.