Terms and Conditions

Live Course and Coach Pack Quality Guarantee

Live Course Guarantee: In the event of failure of an examinee to pass their intended examination after completion of any live-lecture course offered by Northwestern Medical Review (NMR), they will receive two months of full access to the entire online Testbuster package, plus the option to freely audit any available similar live course at any location within 3 months of receipt of their exam results.

Coach Pack Guarantee: In the event of failure of an examinee to pass their intended examination after completion of the Northwestern Medical Review Coach Pack plan, they will receive up to two months of full access to the entire online Testbuster package, plus up to two months of continued coaching support, plus up to 3 hours of additional one-on-one virtual meetings. Students are required to inform Northwestern Medical Review within a week of receiving their exam results.

Live Course Refunds and Penalties

Enrollees who officially cancel their courses after their enrollment and up to 10 days prior to their first scheduled meeting will be issued a refund minus $80 administrative fee. Those who cancel until 72 hours prior to the first scheduled meeting will be issued a refund minus 30% of their tuition. No refund will be disbursed after 72 hours prior to the first scheduled meeting.

Note: customer may cancel their course and receive a refund minus $80 administrative fee within the first 24 hours after enrollment but prior to the customer’s initial receipt of login details and books shipment. After the initial 24 hours, rules stated prior will apply.

  • Discounted Courses

    For courses that are purchased at discounted or promotional rates all the above rules are applicable plus a surcharge that is equal to current standard tuition minus discounted promotional tuition paid by the enrollee.

  • Enrollment with Partial Payment

    The cancellation fee for individuals that have enrolled with a partial payment toward any live course is equal to 15% of their total course fee.

  • Rules Applicable to Study Materials, Question Bank Services and Late Fees

    Please note that once study materials are shipped and/or distributed or online service access codes are forwarded to the clients their respective costs are non-refundable. Also note that late fees are not considered as part of the tuition.

  • Transfer Option

    Enrollees who are unable to attend their intended courses may transfer to another available section with conditional waiver of their cancellation fee. However, if they withdraw from the second course, they will be charged a cumulative fee reflecting the total number of incurred cancellations.

  • Transfer Option

    Members of groups who are unable to attend their designated courses may elect to transfer their seats together with their materials to another colleague or friend with $50 transfer fee.

  • Study Materials and CBT Usage

    Please note that once study materials are distributed and/or shipped or web-based CBT/question Bank access code is forwarded their respective costs are non-refundable.

  • International Students Requiring Invitation Letters

    Please note that there is a $150 charge for cancelling classes up to 21 days prior to the start of the live lecture. No refund is available thereafter.

Cancellation of Under-Enrolled Live Reviews

Northwestern Medical Review reserves the right to cancel under-enrolled sections. If a section is cancelled, registrants will receive a full refund. Alternatively, they will be given the option to transfer to any available future section. Please be advised that the cost of study materials and online services is non-refundable.

Videotaping or Audiotaping Prohibition

Northwestern Medical Review under no circumstance allows videotaping or audiotaping of any of the live course segments. Any unauthorized copying or taping of the lectures may cause the immediate dismissal of the violator from the meetings in additions to all applicable fines as prescribed by law.

Hard-Copy Books

Please note that a small fraction of the course (less than 5%) doesn’t include hard-copies and is only available with PDFs. This is due to the fact that we want all of our students to have access to our newest videos as soon as possible, and it takes extra time to create the hard-copy workbook materials.

Agreement Applicable to Use of Online Services

The entirety of Northwestern Medical Review (NMR) materials available at northwesternmedicalreview.com, including the question bank, videos, and text materials are solely intended for personal use by authorized users. By purchasing any NMR-related web-based product the user agrees that s/he has read, understands, agrees to and accepts the conditions set forth hereafter.

  • Authorized Use

    Northwestern Medical Review, in return for fees collected from the online subscriber, purchaser or user, grants him/her a limited time, non-exclusive license, to use and access the content and information available at select domains within the NMR website.

  • Cancellation Policy for Testbuster Services

    Within the first 24 hours after purchase but prior to the customer’s initial receipt of login details, the customers may cancel their orders for a 100% refund if they inform NMR of their intent via email at contactus@northwesternmedicalreview.com. After the initial receipt of login details and within 72 hours of the initial purchase, the customer may request a cancellation for a refund minus a 60% cancellation fee. After 72 hours from the initial purchase, the total fee is strictly non-refundable.

    Note that the initiation of the online service(s) is occurs upon delivery of the access codes via email to the recipients. Also note that online services will not be initiated within the first 24 hours after purchase of the services.

  • Cancellation Policy for Coach Pack Services

    You may cancel your enrollment within 24 hours for a full refund. Thereafter, refunds are distributed per the following criteria:

    Within the first 48 hours an $80 cancellation fee is applicable. Within the first 4 days, an additional $250 set-up fee that includes pre-program evaluation, questionnaire analysis, diagnostic pretesting, and original program design is nonrefundable. Thereafter, and for the next 10 days (thus within 14 days of initial enrollment), 5% of the remaining total fee will be deducted daily. After that (14 days after enrollment), no refund is available. Please note that once textbooks have been shipped and received, their $150 cost is nonrefundable as well.
  • Failure to Cancel Scheduled Meetings and Non-Reactive CoachPack Students

    Students who miss their scheduled meetings will waive one hour of their total allotted virtual meeting hours if they don’t inform their assigned coaches 24 hours before their scheduled meetings. Students who, for any reason, quit their program, and those who fail to show up for more than two of their scheduled meetings, or fail to contact NMR or their assigned coaches for more than 21 days without communication, are dismissed from the program without a refund.

    Those students who have a well-documented medical reason for their failure to inform NMR or their coaches may be readmitted into the program as long as their maximum of one year of support services is not exhausted. These students will be charged a $300 fee for restarting their program and may be allowed to use the remaining allotted hours of their CoachPack services. These students must complete their CoachPack services within 12 months of the date of their original enrollment. Please note that Northwestern Medical Review does not guarantee reacceptance of the students who quit their programs without informing NMR or their assigned coaches.

  • Mini-Coach Pack Cancellation Policy: No refund is available 24 hours after the first scheduled meeting. The cost of pre-program planning and evaluation, and hard-copy study materials, are non-refundable.
  • Interruption of Access to the Online Services

    Northwestern Medical Review makes all reasonable efforts to provide high quality uninterrupted online services to the subscriber. However, Northwestern Medical Review will not accept any responsibility for the interruption of services or the quality of sound and video that stems from internet connection or equipment issues used by the subscriber to access the online services. As such, by purchasing the online services the subscriber unconditionally accepts the Northwestern Medical Review online services as they receive them.

  • Unlawful Conducts

    The user and subscriber by the virtue of their subscription automatically agree their understanding of the following: (1) They will not under any conditions share their user names, IDs or passwords with any third party; (2) They will solely use the services, including the contents of materials, for their personal and private use and absolutely refrain from using them in public or commercial settings, or selling them to or sharing them with a third party; (3) They will neither personally nor through another party copy, capture, download, or save any information and/or content materials that are made available to them via the Northwestern Medical Review online courses other than those that are explicitly allowed by the Northwestern Medical Review team; and (4) They will under no circumstances reproduce, modify, adapt, or reverse-engineer any of the online programs or materials found on any part of the Northwestern Medical Review website.


All materials and course contents offered by Northwestern Medical Review are carefully reviewed for correctness, and revisions are made on regular basis to insure current, up-to-date and correct information. The authors, publishers and Northwestern Medical Review, however, do not make any guarantees or provide any warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy, reliability, completeness, errors or omissions with regard to information included in the study books and live or online courses.


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Updating the Policies

Northwestern Medical Review constantly thrives to insure fairness of its policies by making occasional modifications or amendments to the established policies without notifying the current clients. As such, all matters of concern would be settled by reference to the most recent policies posted on the Northwestern Medical Review website.