The Neanderthal Man Inside Me!

The Neanderthal Man Inside Me!

For thousands of years, we have been thriving to instill safety, security, comfort, and predictability in our lives. We did all we could to make  our shelters cozier, and our accessibility to food, water, and air, much easier. 

I can imagine how frequently my very own prehistoric predecessor had to confront fight and fright  situations at every turn of his life. I can imagine how hard it would have been to leave his family and head out in search of food, often coming back with empty hands. I can imagine so many nights that his entire family had to sleep on empty stomachs!

Am I willing to trade my life with his? Of course not! Do you take me for a crazy dude or what!

But between you and me, I don’t mind challenging him to his fight, fright, and fasting game! Between you and me, I am sure that I may dearly lose to him, but I will still be happy because I wouldn’t have given it up without putting up a fight! 

Did you want to ask: how could my predecessor do it all?

Well, nature gave him a gift: the ability to master the art of fight-and-fright despite many days of fasting!

Did you know that this art is also  passed on to you and me?

It’s in our bones!  It allows those of us who’ve mastered the art of fasting and survival  amidst extremes of food, water, and air, to finish their earthly journeys, healthier and happier for a reasonable number of extra years! Yes, that gift is still in our bones, and  it is our purpose to embrace and excel at it!

Let me make a confession; no matter how many times I can turn my head I can’t brush off the idea that excellence in longevity sparks only after we can reconcile  our contemporary amenities with the sufferings, and fight-and-fright  experiences of our predecessors!

How many times can a man turn his head on matters like this and pretend that he just doesn’t see?

Oops…sorry this last sentence just popped into my mind! Let’s click and hear what popped into my mind!   

Hope to catch you all healthily down the road!

Dr. E

Dr. E


Also known as "Dr. Testbuster", Dr. Eftekar (Dr. E) is the founder, head coach and lead lecturer of the medical board training programs at Northwestern Medical Review. A unique attribute of Dr. E is his well-rounded academic background that, in addition to the science of medicine, extends over several other disciplines such as physiology of aging and longevity, philosophy of science and medicine, and integrated kinesiology.


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