Worldwide Corona Pandemic Calls for the Revival of the United Nations!

I had a dream! In my dream it was April 25, 2020, the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. All heads of nations while still in their extended social isolation due to COVID19 pandemonium, addressed the entire humanity via the world wide web. Can you guess what they unanimously called for? They called for the rebirth of the United Nations and a new world order. That dream was the impetus for what you will see below…

The Charter of the United Nations was signed on 26 June 1945, in San Francisco.

The Need for Birth of the United Nation: In 1945 when countries still had physical borders, the pandemonium and famine of the Second World War brought the heads of nations and their delegates to San Francisco. This resulted in the signing of the UN charter by 50 nations. At the time no one cared for the other 150 nations as they either did not exist at the time or they were brushed off for being too petite to sign any petition that will affect the world order! It’s needless to add that five of those nations, the so called, “the big five” were able to secure the highest perks on the earth, that is, the permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council, for themselves. The big fives are our country (US), China, UK, Soviet Union, and France. These five countries were the allied-winners of the European and Sino-Japanese fronts during Second World War.

The Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security.

It’s not our, it’s theirs, so who cares! When it was the HIV frenzy in the 1980’s, it wasn’t ours, it was theirs! When the avian flu came along in 2009, it wasn’t ours, it was for others! When it was Ebola in 2014, it wasn’t ours, it was west Africa’s! When Zika came along in 2015-2016, we said “who cares! Let those who travel to South America and Brazil panic over it!” … but now, the COVID-19 pandemic is ours! Not only ours, it belongs to the entire planet and all of humanity!

In my dream, the corona pandemic was settled only after it took the lives of about 2% of the world population who contracted it! I dreamed that despite their modest health services, the virus spared the small islands, and they all reported minimal numbers of corona cases*.

In my dream people who were living on small islands suffered minimum per capita number of Covid-19 cases and fatalities

I dreamt that after accepting the horrific reality of COVID-19, all nations took notice of climatic disasters that were brewing all over our planet! They all agreed among themselves that they must act now, as they have already missed the opportunity of acting yesterday! They all agreed that we need a new order for the United Nations, a global order wherein all humanity can have equal voice in it. They all agreed that climate change, like COVID-19 threatens the security of the entire world, and all countries must be provided with a reasonable and egalitarian voice at the International Security Council for coping with global threats to humanity.

In my dream I was excited to note that the first keynote speaker was the President of our country, who started by humorously saying…we are meeting on this day, the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, because we all agree that if we don’t act now, for the next world assembly we should swim to San Francisco! (


Dr. E


Also known as "Dr. Testbuster", Dr. Eftekar (Dr. E) is the founder, head coach and lead lecturer of the medical board training programs at Northwestern Medical Review. A unique attribute of Dr. E is his well-rounded academic background that, in addition to the science of medicine, extends over several other disciplines such as physiology of aging and longevity, philosophy of science and medicine, and integrated kinesiology.

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