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What Do Our Programs Offer?

Our elective global clinical clerkship program is primarily designed for American medical students in their final 2 years of their medical schools and qualified international medical students during their last 4 years of medical schooling. Students will have the opportunity to participate in clinical clerkships offered at affiliated teaching hospitals, and rural and urban clinics at several countries across the globe.

The program is designed to help medical student appreciate cultural diversities in addition to learning about the quality and methods of health care delivery at our participating global clinical facilities.

It provides international opportunity to participate in hands-on clinical activities under directions of supervising physicians

You may apply for 4, 8 or 12 weeks of clinical experience under the supervision of qualified physician (s).

Students will receive a performance-based LOR and/or certificate of completion for their studies

In addition to enhancing the global clinical experience of the participating students, the program also facilitates patient interaction skills in preparation for the USMLE Step 2 CS and COMLEX Level 2 PE examinations.

Due to high ratio of supervising clinical faculty to students clerkship positions   are acknowledged on on a first come and first served basis. Interested students are recommended to reserve their desired spots about 5-6 months before their intended starting service dates.