The Oldest and Most Trusted Osteopathic Board Prep Curriculum in the USA

Developed by an elite team of DO’s specifically for DO’s

At the beginning there was only one medicine, the allopathic medicine, until Andrew Taylor Still founded the first school of osteopathy in 1892. For many years thereafter there was only one prep for both boards until in 1984 Northwestern challenged the widely held and erroneous notion that “osteopathic board prep is simply an allopathic prep with the OMT component”.

Our company’s breakthrough curriculum in osteopathic board preparation began in 1986 with a review course at Michigan State University for MSUCOM students, and within the first five years it expanded to serve osteopathic students on a nationwide scale.  It was the pioneering vision of Dr. Jahan Eftekar, the “father of osteopathic board prep”, that made it possible for generations of osteopathic students to benefit from COMLEX-specific services.

Our signature COMLEX/NBOME board prep curriculum is built on a foundation of historical and collaborative contributions made by many osteopathic school professors across the country, and in particular from MSUCOM, UMDNJ, LECOM, PCOM, ATSUCOM, and DMU.  However, with an increased demand from groups of osteopathic students to take the USMLE exam, since 1991 we started providing a USMLE/NBME-specific curriculum as well.  With this addition, we now offer three distinct medical board prep curricula, each with their own sets of materials: one exclusively for COMLEX prep, one for USMLE prep, and a third curriculum that combines studies of both COMLEX and USMLE examinations.