Coach Pack for USMLE

1-on-1 Online Prep With Guaranteed Results

Memorizing the massive amount of high-yield information relevant to the USMLE can be a daunting journey, and not everyone learns best by just reading a review book or drilling through a question bank.

That’s where we can help. Our material combines seeing, hearing, participating, and laughing into a powerful study tool. We’ve been helping students score higher on the USMLE exam for over 30 years. We’ve fine-tuned the process and designed unique 1-on-1 programs that will help you learn and recall information better on exam-day: combining lectures, workbooks, question banks, and 1-on-1 guidance into an integrated and powerful review program designed specifically around your unique academic needs.

What makes our 1-on-1 review program unique?


Your very own personal coach

We match you with a dedicated professional, who will personally guide you to the finish line. Your coach will customize your assignments and study trajectory, ensuring you’re ready to tackle your exam when the time comes.

Lecture videos watchable at any playback speed

Cruise at your preferred speed through over 160 hours of comprehensive, high-quality lectures covering all the important concepts you’ll see on the exam

Fill-in-the-blank workbooks paired directly with our videos

Hundreds of pages of follow-along workbooks with fill-in-the-blank style questions that pair directly with our lectures, keeping you engaged and maximizing your learning potential

Study plan customized specifically for you

Your coach will design your personalized study plan and help you stay on target, with constant fine-tuning along the way, from now until the day of your exam.

More than just a traditional tutor

Along with up to 30 hours of targeted test-strategy and focal subject/topic coaching and training, your coach will also be available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have via phone, email, webinar, or text message. Providing you with unlimited background support, your coach will become an indispensable part of your board exam success. You may distribute your virtual program meeting hours up to one year or your COMLEX/USMLE exam date, whichever comes first.

Innovative learning methodologies

Fun and memorable animations and mnemonics incorporated alongside proven test-taking strategies, helping you learn difficult material, recall information easier, and optimize your test-taking abilities

QBank access to over 3000 practice items

Written by our outstanding team of doctors and lecturers, our QBank is directly integrated into our course to help you review your topic-by-topic performance and assess your mastery of the material as you progress

Guaranteed results

Our curriculum has evolved over 30 years and our innovative 1-on-1 plan has led to an almost 100% passing rate for our students

It’s not just any other test, so why treat it like one?

Study smarter for the boards and get the score you deserve.